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Our Aims

  • We endeavour to bring together our school and the community to raise funds for the purchase of additional equipment, which will enhance the childrens learning experiences.
  • We aim to make a difference to each and every child at Dallam.
  •  We aim to achieve this in fun ways by organising events for the enjoyment of the children, their families and neighbours. These include school disco's, film nights, seasonal fete's (Christmas and Summer fayres,) Easter Bingo, Mothers day Afternoon Tea and funding trips to enable the children to have new experiences outside of the classroom.

  • To create an ethos where the whole community feels welcome and are included in supporting their school that works together for our children in anyway they can.

  • To value and appreciate all who help and welcome anyone who feels they can be supportive.

How you can help

The FODC committee are always on the look out for new ideas and events which are not just limited to the children but where the whole family will be invited to join in and enjoy the fun. Whether it be baking cakes, serving refreshments or to simply help out generally, your enthusiasm and willingness will go a long way to ensuring that our children enjoy the best possible experiences and facilities in a safe, fun environment.

If you feel that you can help in any way, even if it's only an idea or opinion, it will be greatly appreciated, please get in touch with the FODC by calling at the school office or contacting us at our email address: friendsofdallamschildren@gmail.com

We're not looking for lots of people to turn up to committee meetings but for volunteers to take on small items to share the work.

Every little really helps, any time you're able to give is appreciated.

List of events for 2018-2019

Halloween Disco                       31st October 2018   3.45-5.00pm refreshments - hotdogs, crisps and a drink   £2.25

Pantomime                                18th December 2018  whole school 

Valentines Disco                       Sorry we have had to postpone this.

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea   21st March 2019 - refreshments - cakes, sandwiches and a drink. Games and general get together entrance a £1 

Easter Bingo                              9th April 2019  3.30pm - refreshments provided  - hotdogs and cold drinks,  £10 per strip of six books                            

Summer Fayre                          17th July 2019- 2.30pm start - come and join our event, many stalls, fair rides, bouncy slide and refreshments - lots of fun

Halloween Disco                      24th October 2019  3.45-5pm refreshments - hotdog, crisps and a drink £2.25

Christmas Fayre                       27th November 2019  2.30pm start £1 entrance - Father Christmas, stalls, tombola, crafts and refreshments.

Christmas Ball                          19th December 2019 3.45 - 5pm refreshments - hotdog, crisps and a drink £2.25

Fundraising in 2018 and Expenditure


Events Expenditure  Income
Royal Wedding  £100  
EYFS Bikes  £1,470  
Active Expression Handsets  £621  
Summer Fayre BBQ £94.17   
Christmas Selection Boxes  £109.65  
Christmas Fayre Accessories  £87.86  
Christmas & Summer Fayre    £1,808.75
Ice Pop Sales    £275
Total £2,719.47  £2,674.41 


Thank you for all your support and hopefully 2019 will be just as great. 



Fundraising in 2019 and expenditure to date

Thanks you to everyone for your brilliant support up to now in 2019.  For the first half of our year we have  held several events to raise funds for Dallams Children and these included:-

Events Expenditure  Income
Mothers Day Tea  £48.84 £154.75
Easter Bingo  £26.20 £327.50
Sports Day  £44.62 £55.69
Summer Fayre  £318.50 £689.77
DP Outdoor Area £409.53  
Pantomime £249.00  
Childrens Sweatshirts  £337.00  
50% Towards data loggers in Yr5/6 £550.00  
Overhead Stage Lighting £853  
Halloween Disco £107 £171
Christmas Fayre £ £1,318.57
Christmas Ball  £ £120.75



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