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Governors Responsibilities

1. The role of the Governing Board

The Governing Board is responsible for overseeing the performance and development of the School. It is responsible for agreeing and overseeing the implementation of the school development plan and whole school policy (for example, Teaching and Learning, Safeguarding, Financial and Personnel policies) and ensuring school resources are appropriately deployed. The Governing Board is not responsible for the day to day management of the school but has a wide remit ranging from formal oversight and reporting to the Local Authority to a ‘critical friend’ that supports and challenges the school leadership team on an ongoing basis.  Governor responsibilities are dispensed through a series of Committees in addition to individual responsibilities that may be taken on by specific governors (for example, a Governor to focus on Numeracy).  The Head teacher reports formally to the Chair of Governors and is accountable for reporting on whole school performance and future school development plan priorities to the Governing Board on a regular basis.  The Governing Board continues to challenge itself to ensure their contribution is making a material difference to outcomes for pupils.

2. Becoming a Governor

Some Governors are appointed by the Local Authority or other community stakeholders, based on their skills and experiences and their ability to add value to the school.  Other Governors are elected as representatives of the Parents. Governors are volunteers and the time commitment varies depending on the level of involvement an individual is able to offer, although typically a Governor will be expected to attend a Full Governing Board meeting and one or two Sub Committee meetings per term. Meetings typically last two hours and take place after the end of the school day. If anyone is interested in becoming a school governor, please contact Ashlea O'Rourke (Chair of Governors) at aorourke@dallamprimary.com or contact the school office. 


3. Annual Governance Statement

  The Chair of Governors and the Governing Board conduct an annual self assessment of their performance and currently    assess their performance in overseeing, supporting and challenging the school leadership team as effective.                        Attendance at Committees is sufficient to demonstrate both that meetings are quorate and also that individual                    governors are making an effective contribution.  A number of key issues and initiatives have been overseen by the              Governors in the last 12 months as shown in the chairs annual statement.   

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