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Music is a powerful force for creativity and expression. It can stimulate the imagination, enable reflection and promote emotional development. Pupils of all abilities will be given the opportunity to develop listening, playing, appraisal and composition skills, gain an understanding of musical elements, structure and history and realise creativity by participating in a broad and engaging range of musical activities in school.

At Dallam CP School we use the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2017) and the National Curriculum for England (2014) and elements of the Model Music Curriculum (2021) to:

  • Foster a love of music; listening, composing and performing to develop and deepen skills in these areas
  • Expose the children to a broad range of music from different genres, countries, instruments, voices, time periods including live performances
  • Teach children to form their own opinions, whilst learning to appreciate and critique pieces of music developing questioning and enquiry skills. 
  • Enable the children to understand how music can help regulate emotions and create moments of happiness and relaxation in everyday life, improving well-being and increasing self-esteem and confidence.
  • Promote the understanding of intentions and emotions behind music and why music has developed in certain ways
  • Teach a broad knowledge base of instruments, genres, performers and composers enabling the pupils to become confident using music vocabulary to talk about these
  • Promote collaborative working to produce music and to appraise each other’s work.
  • Ensure the children understand how the universal language of music can make a positive difference in our school, the wider community and the world. 

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