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Lead - Mary Leffler

Cultural Capital 

Cultural Capital


At Dallam Primary Schoool we intend to bring history to life, immersing our children in realistic experiences both in school and on education visits.  We aim to deliver a history curriculum that is accessible to all and that will maximise the outcomes for every child. Our curriculum allows all children at Dallam to have the same opportunities to reach their full potential. In doing so, we aim to succeed in the children knowing more, remembering more and understanding more. 

The children at Dallam will develop a well-rounded knowledge of the past and its events, with the intention to improve their cultural capital. By developing an understanding of the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change, as well as the diversity of societies we want to ensure our children have a real understanding of the world around them and their own heritage. At Dallam primary school we have designed our History curriculum with the intent that our children will:

  • Become equipped to ask perceptive questions, think critically and develop their own viewpoints and judgments.
  • Acquires a secure understanding of the chronology of ….. and other important periods of History.
  • To discover links and connections to the History they learn and the wider community and locality.
  • Differentiate between source types and explain how interpretations in History may differ.
  • Draw on similarities and differences within given time frames and across previously taught History.
  • Enquire in to Historical themed questions and form their own opinions and interpretation of the past . 

We want our children to have a rounded understanding of history. They need to be able to put historical events into context and order. They need to understand how and why events in the past have shaped the modern world and our place within it. Furthermore, they need to have had first-hand experiences of ‘meeting’ significant places, objects and artefacts (be that through visits to castles and stately homes, trips to museums and galleries or in-school workshops with experts), so that history can come to life for them.

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