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Design and Technology

Lead - Miss Downs


Kapow primary is used to support teachers to be confident that they are teaching engaging, knowledge-rich lessons with a progressive scheme that covers the requirements of the National Curriculum.


At Dallam Primary School, we recognise that Design and Technology is an important subject for our children to learn as it provides the skills and knowledge needed for independent thinking and enquiry. Through our Design and Technology curriculum, we aim to equip our children with the skills to design, create and evaluate for a range of different purposes, to make use of design and technology effectively in their everyday lives and to inspire them to consider careers using these skills.

High quality teaching ensures progression of skills, and is sequenced to build on previous learning. Our children gain experience and skills of a wide range of formal elements of design and concepts of technology in a way that enhances their learning opportunities, enabling them to use design and technology across a range of subjects to be creative and solve problems. The curriculum is adapted as appropriate to ensure that all children make progress regardless of their starting points.

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