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Lead- Miss Foster

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Kapow primary is used to support teachers to be confident that they are teaching engaging, knowledge-rich lessons with a progressive scheme that covers the requirements of the National Curriculum.


At Dallam Primary, we equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding that will allow them to access the forever changing world of technology and keep up with technological advances confidently and with increasing independence.  We ensure that our children are well prepared for each next stage in their education and ultimately for future employment.

Using the Kapow Primary Computing scheme, we aim to instil a sense of enjoyment around using technology. To develop pupils appreciation of its capabilities and the opportunities technology offers to create, manage, organise and collaborate. Tinkering with software and programs forms a part of the ethos of the scheme as we want to develop children’s confidence from EYFS and all through school. We aim to develop confidence through encountering new technology which is a vital skill in the ever evolving landscape of technology. Through our curriculum, we intend for pupils to be digitally competent and have a range of transferrable skills at a suitable level for the future but also so that they can be responsible online citizens.

This scheme of work enables pupils to meet the end of Key Stage Attainment targets outlined in National Curriculum and the aims align with those in the National curriculum.

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