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Mrs Parfrey - Class Teacher

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Mrs Carrothers - Class Teaching Assistant


This term, we will be writing an adventure story linked to the book "Journey" by Aaron Becker. We will be focusing on creating vivid setting descriptions, consistently punctuating speech accurately and grouping our ideas into paragraphs. In addition, we will learn how to use the present perfect tense.

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Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an essential part of our everyday teaching and it is important that children log in regularly so that they are familiar with this online platform. Guided reading texts are posted each week and the children can begin to read them before the lesson if they wish to. Important messages are also posted online. Your child has been given their log in details and they are expected to log in and check their class page for any updates.

Google Education Tools and Apps | Tech & Learning

Class Novel

Our class novel is ' Tilly Mint Tales ' by Berlie Doherty where we'll read about Tilly's magical adventures when her mum's at work and Mrs Hardcastle (who's supposed to be looking after Tilly) falls asleep. Berlie Doherty has written over sixty books and has won the Carnegie Medal twice.



We will be developing our fieldwork skills in Geography this term, first within the school grounds, then on our visit to the beach. We'll also be looking at how beaches are formed and what human and physical features are found at the coast. Click the image below to start learning all about beaches.



Our Summer term Maths lessons will start with telling the time to the nearest minute as well as using the 24 hour clock and comparing lengths of time. We will then look at fractions including finding equivalent fractions, comparing, adding and subtracting fractions. Later in the term, children will investigate acute, obtuse and right angles, find parallel and perpendicular lines and learn how to work out the perimeter of a shape.

The following websites can help children to practise their Maths skills:

Telling the Time - Mathsframe



YouTube - MultiplicationTable


Throughout Summer term, we will be learning about plants in Science. Children will learn about the functions of the different parts of plants, what plants need to live and grow, and the role of flowers in a plant's life cycle.  They will also investigate how water is transported within plants.

The children will be making observations, investigating and taking part in different scientific experiments.

plant with roots in soil for website

History - Stone Age to Iron Age

Our History question this term is 'What did the Romans leave behind?'

We will look at how Britain changed during its time as part of the Roman Empire. We will answer questions such as:

How did the Roman Army help the Roman Empire to expand?

What was Britain like before it became part of the Roman Empire?

What were Roman houses like?

What did the Romans build?

Click the link on the image to find out more about the Roman Empire.



Here are some useful websites that you can look at with your child at home.

Maths - TT Rockstars


Reading - Oxford Reading Buddy


Spellings - Spooky Spellings

Spooky Spellings || Practise spelling Common Exception Words (ictgames.com)

Grammar skills

Spelling and Grammar, English Games for 7-11 Years - Topmarks

Science - BBC Bitesize


If you would like any help or further information then please feel free to ask at the end of the school day.

Useful information

  • We will be swimming on a Thursday each week from Thursday April 25th. Your child will need to bring their swimming kit, including a towel, to school each Thursday.  Long hair needs to be tied back for swimming.
  • PE will be on a Wednesday each week.  Please ensure that your child's full PE kit (a blue Dallam PE polo shirt, black shorts and trainers) is in school each day. Long hair needs to be tied back for PE.
  • Please ensure that your child has a water bottle in school so that they can have a drink during the day. Refillable bottles are preferable rather than single use plastic bottles.
  • Your child should be reading at home every evening.  This could be a book from home, a book from school or using Oxford Reading Buddy.  Reading records need to be signed each time a child reads and brought into school each day.
  • Times tables or maths practice should be every evening and record books signed.  Please initial and date the sheet at the back of your child's reading record when they practise their times tables.
  • Homework will go out on a  Friday and is due to be completed by Wednesday.

Online Safety

The staff at Dallam are huge advocates of what an amazing tool the big wide web is. We are showing the children in Maple class how to use the internet safely. Please have a read through the links below that the Maple team have put together for you. If you need any advice or to discuss matters further please see us any day at hometime.




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