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Important Class Information;

  • PE is Wednesday morning with Tom, the PE teacher.  We will be joining with the Year 1 class for these sessions.  This term we are mainly working outside.  Please ensure your child has appropriate kit in school, labelled.  No pumps, trainers only.
  • We will also have a PE lesson on a Monday afternoon, where we will have an opportunity to practice our skills, and take part in some sensory activities.
  • On a Monday afternoon we will take turns to visit the forest area, where we will be taking part in many different activities, including nature walks, bug hunts etc. Please ensure that your child has a waterproof coat in school and a pair of wellies.
  • Snack money is £1 per week for toast.  It must be paid by the Friday morning for the next week.  Monies can be paid by direct bank transfer (speak to the office for details) or by sending cash into school in an envelope with your child's name, class and amount on the outside.  

Reading Champions

Reading books will be sent home weekly. 

You can ask your child some questions about their book;

  • Where does the story take place?
  • Who are the characters?
  • Which part of the story do you like best?
  • What is happening in the pictures?
  • What happens first in the story?
  • What happens in the middle of the story?
  • What happens at the end of the story?​

You can write in the record book to let us know how you are getting on;

  • Did your child like the book?
  • What was their favourite part?
  • Who was their favourite character? 



On Friday, we will be sending home a book of activities linked to work that has been carried out that week in class.  This will help them to develop important skills we are working on in class and share their learning with you.


Our Project - Autumn 2022

his term our project question is "What can we find out about people from the past?"

We will be doing lots of activities to find out more about how we have changed - we will be looking at what we looked like as a baby and comparing it with what we look like now. We will also be looking at who lives in our house and who helps us each day.

We will be looking at old toys that we used to play with when we were younger as well as some of the toys that our teachers and parents used to play with when they were younger. We will be thinking about how toys have changed since then.

We will be learning about Florence Nightingale and some of the things that she did in the past, that help us today. We will learn how we can help to keep ourselves healthy, maintain a healthy environment and good personal hygiene. Routines for handwashing, toothbrushing, some basic food hygiene and keeping our areas tidy are some of the things that we will be focussing on. You may want to encourage your child to take more of a respnsibility for tidying their things at home, such as hanging up their own coat, putting their school bag away, or putting their toys back into a toybox when they are finished with them.


We will be continuing to use the Read, Write, Inc. scheme to improve our literacy skills and will engage in Funky Fingers activities to develop our fine motor skills. We will also practie daily maths lessons each morning.

You can help your child by:

Sharing books regularly

Playing counting games

Singing songs

Practicing recognising and writing names

Practicing healthy routines at home such as; washing hands tidying away toys when they are finished with, etc.


National Poetry Day

On 6th October we will be celebrating National Poetry Day and our theme is 'The Environment.'

We will be learning the song "I'm Taking Home My Little Bumblebee" - you can find the lyrics and below and scan the QR code to take you to the tune on Youtube, to practice with your child.

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